Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Springing Up

Winter's hanging on but spring is quite stubborn and deter- mined, even if the fight is won a little at a time. Under piles of crusty, old snow and matted leaves the flowers are growing. Faith and determination. I've heard plenty of people ask if winter is ever going to go away, but the flowers never question spring's arrival.

Today I realized that my mom's second cousin is a resident of the nursing home. I heard her name yesterday but it didn't click until most of the way through lunch today. When I had a free moment I asked her husband if her maiden name was C-------. He said yes and when I told them that my mother was one also and that they were cousins, he smiled. He seemed genuinely happy that I stopped to talk with them. I'm looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow as the family is always there to help with her noon meal.

We left class early today and after my arrival at home I had some time to "play" out in the yard. I picked up a bag of doggy doo (There's plenty left for another day...), raked a section of lawn, and burned a few sticks and leaves. I am thoroughly smoked now, smelling like a sausage, and in need of a shower. Our yard is in rough shape but I think we can recover it a little at a time. Sunshine and warmer temperatures are a great motivator.

I'm still feeding the birds and squirrels, though I've not had the same chance to watch them. The cardinals have been about and the other day a red winged blackbird came to visit my feeder. I did spot Little Red and Mr. Gray out there a few days ago. Gray was enjoying a meal and Red was scampering about fretfully. I think he's still worried about his food supply. He shouldn't be too concerned. I've still got a nice bag of Critter Crunch and another one of peanuts.


  1. Love those little snow drops! I really should plant some!

    How fun to find out you have a distant relative there at the nursing home!

    1. Everything is running late this year, even the snowdrops. It's been a cold March, but it is going out more gently than it came in.

      I thought finding a cousin there was pretty cool. I don't recall ever meeting her or her husband, but Ben is friends with her grandson and has been for quite a few years. I think they're 4th cousins. It gets so far down the line that it's hard to keep track.

  2. How neat that you met some family there...for them and for you! You sound like you're enjoying your new schedule, even if it is a little busier. :)

    1. I only wish I'd met her years ago before Parkinson's had settled in and taken her ability to communicate. Her daughter in law had suggested it once when Dave lived on Stanford St in town about 8-9 years ago but we never did it. I tried talking to her to day but she is no longer able to answer intelligibly.