Friday, March 06, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness (Week 4)

Random Acts of Kindness. Smiles in the grocery store. Hugs for a friend. Words of encouragement to family members.

I was on my into the grocery store on Tuesday afternoon as a young mom with two little ones was on her way out. As her preschooler climbed into her van and the door started to shut, she called to him, "Open the door." But the door closed after him and did not reopen regardless of her pleas. On one arm she carried a baby in a carseat. Her other hand was full too. "I can open the door for you, " I said, "and I'll take your cart." She smiled and thanked me as she tucked her baby into the backseat of the van, and we both went away smiling.

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  1. Mom's never have enough hands, do they? So nice that you made yours available. Enjoy your Friday!

  2. How special. Haven't we all been there before. How sweet you saw the need and filled it. But that's kinda a Martha thing anyway. Love and Hugs

  3. I'm sure she appreciated that! Just a little help...but you have to be alert and willing to act when the opportunity is there....perfect! Thanks for joining in on my little adventure...I appreciate you participating!

  4. I am sure she appreciated that, Martha!
    I remember those days....when I had my 3 in tow!
    Missed your snowmen.....wonder why?
    Melting away.....
    Enjoy your Friday night!
    Linda :o)

  5. Yes . . you came along just at the right time to help her and she really appreciated it . . . :)