Wednesday, July 30, 2014

VBS, Pretty Flowers, and Paperwork

It's Vacation Bible School week at church. I've not done more than drop a child off and pick her up, but I still get just a small taste of the excitement. VBS was always fun when I was a little girl. We went to the one at our own church mornings one week of the summer, and another week we attended a neighboring church for an evening VBS. This year there are six children I have babysat in the past few years (Oops, make that seven. I forgot the pastor's grandson), along with three of my grandchildren, attending our church VBS. It's been fun to see them and get a hug or two. Rocky gives a mean hug!

I cut some zinnias from my garden flower beds this afternoon and put them in a vase on my mom's table. She would have found them pretty and likely told me so. Maybe next year I'll have a big flower garden just for the fun of it.

My mom's table is not only home to a vase of pretty flowers, but lately also home to varying stacks of papers. Every time I think I have a job taken care of and mailed away, part of it comes back. It's happened with almost every insurance policy for which I've had the privilege of filling out paperwork. Last week new (or should I say "old"?) ones were brought to my attention; childhood policies. A letter came in the mail and we found the original paperwork tucked away in an out of the way file box. I have no idea what they are worth and my dad is still listed as the beneficiary. Perhaps the paperwork shall never end. We haven't even started on what to do with the house.

In spite of the looming paperwork (I say looming, but it's really getting done...), I am having a very nice summer. I still have things I'd like to check off my to-do list, like meet some more cousins, go to Canada, and maybe climb a tree, but I do have plans for a few of the others. I'm going to the Adirondack Mountains with my sister next week, and in early to mid September I have plans to both meet a blog friend (Wanda) and see my faraway grandson. Since I like to stretch summer way into September, perhaps I will get to check several more items off my list before the season is over. Not sure I'll get to visit all the Finger Lakes... Maybe I'll do that in the fall instead. :0)


  1. Love your Zinnias..every year I plan to plant them...but always forget....thanks for sharing yours!
    Your mom would love them...
    Hope you get to Canada...hey...that would be me!
    Linda :o)

    1. This is only my second year planting zinnias and I already love them! They're so very cheery.
      I am still trying to finagle a Canada day. One of those cousins up there wanted a blueberry pie... If I ever get berries, maybe I'll have to make two and set out toward your house instead of the cottage.

    2. Awesome...let me know!