Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

It's Thursday. It's Thursday Thirteen. A little randomness for today...

1. It's not Thursday after all. It's Wednesday. *blush*

It was a longish kind of day. Maybe that's why I'm feeling like it ought to be Thursday. It isn't because yesterday felt like Wednesday, because yesterday was definitely a Tuesday kind of day. Maybe it's because Hannah is all packed up and ready to go. The group leaves Friday morning in the wee hours. She's going to stay "overnight", at least what little night there will be, at the home of another group member. I'm not going to know how to behave without her around...


  1. How long will Hannah be gone. My days are running together and it's a good thing I have a big calendar on my frig. My brains....

    1. They'll be back late on the 19th, so a little over a week. Not too bad, just long enough for her to get attached to the kids down there and not want to come home.