Sunday, June 03, 2018

The Barn Collective

The barn caught my eye first.

We were out for a ride with our brother, and taking different route from where we've traveled the past few years. It was just off the beaten path, but not far off.

It's a peony farm! (here) There were rows upon rows of bright smiling peonies. How fun is that?

I have more photos, but my computer and the photo editor haven't been getting along proper lately. It's kind of driving me crazy. Come visit Tom at The Barn Collective and get in out of the rain.


  1. ...this one is a favorite down in Geneva. When I was in the nursery business I sold some plant to the owners. There is another peony farm down the road. Thank Martha for sharing, enjoy the rain, we need it.

  2. Oh I love peonies! They are my favorite flowers!!

  3. A great barn! Love the flowers, too!

  4. Love the barns...a peony farm!!!!! Wow! How I would adore that! I bet he sells them to a local florist.