Thursday, June 28, 2018

So Far

It's been a busy week, both at work and out of it. I started going to a new group on Monday evening, a step study with Celebrate Recovery. Still looking to be healthy emotionally and spiritually It was a good sized group of women. There were two I knew from outside of CR and it felt very comfortable. Going to this group will mean not attending CoDA, or at least not attending regularly. Perhaps it is time to move on...

I met a friend at Panera this evening. She had a dessert and since I'd not eaten dinner, I had a salad. It was a good visit. Tomorrow evening I have a date with a different friend. We're going to Chipotle because neither of us has been there before. Next week I will meet my sister for breakfast one morning before work.

The school year is over and our daycare numbers are dwindling. Teacher's kids have the summer off. One of our little guys won't be back next year because he's moving a few towns over. It will be sad to say goodbye and I will miss his little arms around my neck each afternoon. This is the way of childcare. Our job is to love them while we have the opportunity and to remember the days are fleeting.

Tonight I caught a few minutes with a few grandsons because Seven and Ten came to play with Nine. How fun is that?