Monday, February 19, 2018

The Hot Dog Saga Continues

Did I say I hate Hot Dog Days? Ha ha! I'm changing my mind.

Today was hot dog day at work. I grabbed a big pack of frozen dogs out of the freezer. There were two packages, and I did hesitate while decided which to open, but I grabbed one and put it in a pan of water to thaw out a bit and went about my morning.

President's Week and George Washington's Birthday. Anything could happen with our attendance.  At about 9:30 am I went out to collect our lunch count. It was 47. I opened the package and counted hot dogs as I put them a pot of water for later. There were 38. We had prepared for this, so I opened a couple smaller packs and made the tally 47. A hot dog for every child...

It wasn't long before the rooms started swapping children to put everyone in adult to child ratio. A child or two went home sick. Some didn't show up at all... Before getting lunches passed out, and after making banana bread, I held a recount. How many children were there for lunch? 38.

I think I heard God laughing.

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  1. is what happens while you are making plans.