Sunday, February 18, 2018

Staying Home in Bed

I am not ready to go out to play today. It's rather disappointing. No church service, no children's class afterward, and no going to the pottery studio.

There is much to be grateful for, even if I am staying home in bed. It's not the middle of the work week and I haven't yet had to call in sick. It could happen tomorrow, but so far it hasn't. My pottery will wait. It will be there on Thursday evening, ready to be trimmed and set aside to dry. I will glaze my bisque fired pieces and everything will be okay.

Today I will rest and pray that I feel better tomorrow so I can go to work and make hot dogs for those kids. (I hate hot dog days... Not because they're difficult, but because I have to have just the right amount. Not much margin for error. Goulash is easier. I just make a bunch.)

Time for another nap. I guess. I'm not sure at the moment whether this illness is  making me achy or it's fro being in bed for so long. Blah.


  1. ...take care and I hope you feel better soon.

    1. I am done being sick. I can't stay in bed anymore!