Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. The food was good and for the first time in forever, my kids did all the work, but it wasn't the kind of celebration I'd been looking forward to early in the year... I hate the brokenness but I don't know how to get back to it not being so. Will we ever be okay?

Today, when I should have been eating pumpkin pie for breakfast, I have been sick in bed. Bad headache, queasy stomach, and stuffy head. These are the days when being a coffee drinker is a curse. I made a cup of tea this morning and hoped it would prevent a caffeine headache on top of whatever it is I'm already fighting, but it is impossible to tell if it helped or not. At noon I swallowed half an Excedrin and when I am done posting my grandkid photos, I am going back to sleep.

It's an entirely gorgeous late autumn day outside. It would have been a good day for a stroll in the little strip of woods we played in a little people. Maybe I'll feel better in an hour or two and venture outside.


  1. Oh no! You can't be sick when Jim and Michele are here. Sorry you're not feeling well again. I fought a migraine for the last 4 days (including yesterday) and then found out why today. The headache left with the onset of something else, and I am relieved to be rid of it. Thinking of venturing out to Hobby Lobby for a star for my little tree, but not sure I want to deal with the flood of people. Maybe they're all done shopping. Ya think?
    I love the pictures of your grandinfinks, lol!

  2. ...take care, it's gorgeous outside today!