Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bits and Pieces

* "Trust."  That was the topic drawn from the box last night. Thought provoking... I searched "trust" on my own blog and came up with this old post. (here) It holds true today.

* My wheel thrown pottery class is almost done. Saturday I put the finishing touches on my last pieces to be fired. They will need to be glazed and then I can bring them home. What will I do next? I have an idea or two.

* I miss my camera. I take it to work with me, just in case I find anything interesting along the way, providing it's light enough out to capture an image, but using it isn't happening much. I am savoring the images of yesteryear that pop up on my computer..

* I am learning and growing. Learning and growing is hard.

* We have new carpet in the back room at Hannah's house. It's warm and cozy.

* It's almost Thanksgiving. We get an extra long weekend, and now that I've been at the daycare for six months, I get paid for it. (Watch me do a dance!) If I am approved, I will be taking the following Monday as well, because my Minnesota family will be here.

* It's cold outside.

* I have a Christmas tree in my room. Just because. And I like it.

* I smell something yummy baking. Except it's really just the empty bowl I ate my Pumpkin Spice Cheerios from. It's making me hungry again.


  1. ...I 'trust' that you have a thankful Thanksgiving.

  2. Here's hoping you get that Monday off too! (But if not, I know you'll enjoy what time you have together anyway.)

    I see at least nine potential "1000 gifts" entries in this post!

    1. I will enjoy every minute. It will be my first L-O-N-G weekend in six months. If I get Monday off I will have 5 fays in a row!!!

      Always be thankful, always be diligent to notice the gifts.

  3. You have such an artist eye, love how you capture not just with your lens but with your words too.