Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Start of Summer

Yesterday's picnic came together last minute. We almost totally missed out, but I couldn't stand the thought of starting summer without a Memorial Day picnic. So we found some friends and family, threw together a picnic, and had some fun.

It was a good day to eat on the back porch.

It was great weather for a bit of bouncing.

There was a little bit of road rage and a minor accident...

I gave "selfie" lessons. (That's my baby sister.)

And we played some Frisbee.

I stepped in a hole and fell down but didn't let it stop me.
(Thank you, Josiah, for the documentation.)

It turned out to be a good day full of yard work and topped off with a picnic. 
It also would have been my father in law's 75th birthday.
Hope you all had a good Memorial Day and remembered to honor those who gave their all for our freedoms.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! We had perfect weather, too. The humidity came today, though. yuck.

    Nice to see your sister other than her avatar! Hi, Rachel! (at least I think that's Rachel! ha.)

  2. What a fun picnic. We were all in different directions with the shower on Sat. Kaleb getting home from college that night...and everyone else busy. So my dearest stayed home packed a little and I made a small potato salad and Crock Pot BBQ chicken thighs. That made it feel like a picnic.

    1. Seems like there's always something to throw off our expectations, but then again that's the way God gets things done sometimes.

  3. It was a nice picnic. We finished off the night with a nice family walk to burn off some calories. :)

    1. Did you get a Yolickity on the way home?

    2. Just because. It was burning the calories that made me think of it (and I know you love them).