Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Woods at Webster Park

I have a lot of thoughts, and plenty of words, but not much I can write here... so I'll tell you about my weekend. 
 I spent some more time walking alone in the woods this past weekend. When I have my camera along, I'm never really alone. I parked inside Webster Park this time, walked to the campground, and sneaked through an unoccupied campsite to the hill of pines that lines the sites where Mom and Dad used to set up our camper. It didn't look like I remember, the pines are old and dying, and the undergrowth is taking over, and yet I found it all wonderfully enchanting. I couldn't resist building a pine cone house. Or two. Or, actually three.

After exploring the edge of the campground, I changed my lens and headed toward the "boy scout" part of the park where Mom and Dad took us on long afternoon walks when we camped. It was a favorite part of the day. I used to think I could never get lost in Webster Park. Ha ha! I probably overestimated myself, but I haven't been too lost to find my way out again yet. (It's not that big a park. Don't worry.)

When my camera battery died, I needed to make a decision. Go on without taking pictures? Or go home and charge the battery? (Like that was any question...) I returned an hour later to finish my walk and even made it all the way back to Mohawk Lodge, which when we had walked with Mom and Dad, meant we had gone on a really long walk. 

It was the perfect day.


  1. That sounds like a perfect day, Martha! How wonderful to have such good childhood memories. xo Diana

  2. What a delicious, perfect day you had. I'm glad you went home and got another battery.
    I'm so hungry for a walk in the woods. I don't think it is going to happen this year with so many parks and places we love to go, shut down "for the duration".

    1. I don't understand shutting down parks and open places. I am sorry you can't visit the places you love. I pray this passes soon.
      Love you, Sue.

  3. So beautiful! Sometimes we go on an adventure to the park and wander the "secret path" to the pine trees. Last time we came home COVERED with ticks, so I'm a wee bit hesitant these days to do too much scrounging in the pines... I guess that's all to say check for ticks when you're done playing. :)

    1. Thanks, Bethame, I will keep that in mind when I make a return trip. Love you!